The Afghani Cauldron Pressure Cooker (10 Litre)

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Product Details:
  • The Product works on the principle of a pressure cooker.
  • It has a lid with a pressure release valve, thanks to the elastic band and screw handle create ideal conditions for cooking inside the cauldron.
  • Food is such a cauldron is prepared quickly, tasty, and does not lose its useful properties.
  • The cauldron pressure cooker is suitable for any kitchen, as well as for cooking in nature. It can become your best assistant in the preparation of divine dishes, or the perfect gift.
  • The useful volume of the cauldron is 65-80%, when loading more than this norm, there is a probability of clogging the valve.
  • Liters in the cauldron are calculated according to the Syrian standard.
Product Storage Capacity:
  • 10 Litres
Product Material Type:
  • Premium-Quality Aluminum Build
Product Package Includes:
  • 1 * The Afghani Cauldron Pressure Cooker (10 Litre)

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