Silicone Table Chair Caps (Pack of 4)

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Product Details:
  • Organic Silica Gel: Approved silicone that will not scratch or damage your cookware or non-stick pans. Use our non-stick silicone cookware set when cooking it can protect the expensive cookware set you have from splintering, warping, melting, or any other damage. Our silicone cookware set is specially designed for all tasty homemade cooking.
  • DOES NOT CORRODE AND IS DURABLE: Our silicone utensils are made of materials, which are all of the best quality. It is also worth mentioning that our cookware uses food-grade silicone as its raw material. And that has a very good advantage over other similar products because it is safe for the person who cooks to make any type of dishes without worrying about kitchen utensils that produce unhealthy substances.
  • Excellent heat resistance, non-stick, non-toxic, and stain-resistant, heat-resistant silicone. (> 230 ° / 446F) You have our words that there will be no blending problem. BPA-free and approved materials with zero plastic ensure a safe and healthy cooking experience.
  • High quality and strong bearing: thick stainless steel, free to clean, refuses to rust, long durability. Hard enough with up to 40lb force, not easily deformed.
  • Unique and stable design: the elongated flex foot makes the rack's center of gravity forward to balance the upper weight, and the non-slip rubber feet keep it more stable
Product Material Type:
  • High-Quality Silicone Build
Product Dimensions:
  • Height: 3cm
  • Upper Fitting Grip: 3.2 cm
  • Down Fitting Grip: 4 cm
Product Package Includes:
  • 1 * Silicone Table Chair Caps (Pack of 4)

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